I’ve been a dad for about 5 days, which obviously makes me an authority to write articles on being a dad. I’m unsure about my authority on dad-hood (yet). But I’m also now unsure of my authority on nearly everything I knew about myself before the arrival of little Ruby Lee Holmes, too. Ruby isContinue reading “THOUGHTS ON BECOMING A DAD”

How To Do A Relationship Checkup

Last week my 2005 Saab 9-3 broke down. I was indignant. “How could my 12 year old Swedish car with 110,000 miles on it break down? I can’t believe this!” My indignation turned to pensive sorrow as I watched my not-so-faithful Saab disappear into the sunset, on a flatbed truck. I waved goodbye, and wonderedContinue reading “How To Do A Relationship Checkup”

6 Ways To Guard Your Relationship Against Negativity

Think about a coworker you like very much, someone you enjoy. We’ll call her Sara. Now think of Sara as she walks by in an angry huff and says, “Leave me alone.” What would your initial reaction be? If you really do enjoy Sara, you’d probably think, “I hope she’s ok. She must be havingContinue reading “6 Ways To Guard Your Relationship Against Negativity”

What God Promises (and what he doesn’t)

  A friend recently came to see me; her puffy eyes and smeared makeup told me she was angry and upset. “I think I’m going to become an atheist” she said. I knew she was sincere, not by her words, but by her emotions. Emotion after all conveys far more than simple words ever could.Continue reading “What God Promises (and what he doesn’t)”

When God is Silent

If you are a person who prays, or believes in prayer, you know there are times you feel unheard. Oh yes, we know God hears, but it is another matter to feel he hears. We want to feel God listen to our pleas, not just know it. But sometimes, God is nowhere to be felt.Continue reading “When God is Silent”