Over the years I have met countless couples who desperately need marriage counseling but are unable to afford it. The cost of weekly counseling sessions is sometimes just too great.

On a nearly weekly basis, I hear partners say, “We just don’t have the money right now . . . My husband would come but he’s too stressed out with finances to add marriage counseling to the bills . . . Do you do any free marriage counseling . . . Could you give us a deal . . . We’ll go to marriage counseling when we can afford it . . .”

It is a sad reality that for many couples with limited financial resources, professional help is unattainable. I have resolved in my practice to figure out a way to make sure everyone who needs help strengthening their marriage can get it.

That’s why I started For Every Marriage.

For Every Marriage is a non-profit organization designed to connect couples with marriage counseling and educational materials designed to build healthy relationships – no matter one’s ability to pay.

To accomplish this goal, we are accepting tax-deductible contributions to help cover the cost of providing these services to couples in need.

Your gift can be the difference between a failed marriage or a successful marriage. Please prayerfully consider making a contribution to For Every Marriage today.

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