5 Books I Recommend to Everyone

If you’ve ever read a book, and felt changed after finishing the last sentence, then you’ll know how I felt after reading each of the following on this list. Each book came along at a different time in my life and left its mark on me, so much so that I’d like to share theContinue reading “5 Books I Recommend to Everyone”

A Letter to Stephen Fry

Before reading my letter to Mr Fry, please be sure to watch the above video. Dear Mr. Fry, I’ll always be appreciative of your hilarious wit which made “Stephen Fry in America” such an enjoyable show.  I’ve also enjoyed much of your other work, notably your very funny early work with Laurie! This week, inContinue reading “A Letter to Stephen Fry”

Trouble Sleeping? These Tips are for You.

One third of your life will be spent sleeping. On average, that’s the equivalent of 26 years. That’s right, for 26 years of your life, you will be asleep. At least, that’s what is supposed to happen. But for many of us, our nights are more often spent lying awake in bed, unable to fallContinue reading “Trouble Sleeping? These Tips are for You.”

Shake Those Negative Feelings: Here’s How.

One of the most common phrases I hear from clients is this: “well, that’s just how I feel, and I can’t help it.” As a therapist, my first response is to validate the client’s feeling; that really is how the person is feeling, whether it’s rational or not. My second response is to challenge theContinue reading “Shake Those Negative Feelings: Here’s How.”

Before Commenting on Suicide, Please Know What You’re Talking About

I was, like so many, shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Robin William’s suicide; he was one of my favorite actors, and Hook is still one of my favorite movies. But even more shocking were some of the very misinformed reactions and statements I found on my social media feeds. Do you know thatContinue reading “Before Commenting on Suicide, Please Know What You’re Talking About”