Welcome to Refuge

Life comes with unexpected challenges, none of which we should walk through alone. When difficulties arise, we need relationship and community; someone to come alongside, listen and provide insight and support. My job as a counselor is to help you, through our therapeutic relationship, identify goals for yourself and uncover whatever it is that is preventing you from reaching those goals. Whether it’s marriage difficulties, anxiety, depression, trauma or a lack of meaning and direction; I want to help you uncover these obstacles, and be a support as you achieve wellbeing. My therapeutic approach is Client Centered and integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Systems Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). You can expect a non-judgmental, caring atmosphere when we first meet and an opportunity to tell your story. Together we will develop a plan to heal, grow and overcome the problems which cause pain.For those clients who are open to Christian Counseling, I also find it helpful to explore faith as an important part of the healing and growth process.

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